Developing a Whole School Approach to Mental Computation: Addition and Subtraction.


Friday March 1, 2024

This PD provides an opportunity for F-6 classroom teachers to develop an in-depth knowledge of the teaching and learning of addition and subtraction mental computation strategies. The day begins by looking at the underpinnings of number sense- Part Part-Whole and subitising. We then explore a coherent, structured program to follow as you introduce mental computation. Assessment tasks will be provided and analysed to provide guidance on the next 'best steps' at a class and school level. Teachers will be provided with quality resources and activities to assist students to develop their mental computation skills. Research-based evidence will reinforce the importance of students being provided with repeated opportunities to develop a wide range of efficient mental strategies. This PD is very hands-on and highly practical for teachers from F-6. It aims to provide teachers with the confidence to teach addition and subtraction mental computation confidently and competently.

Areas Covered:

  • What is mental computation? (Based on research-based evidence).
  • What is Part Part-Whole knowledge and why is it critical to develop in all students?
  • Addition and Subtraction in the Curriculum.
  • Current assessment tools available for mental computation.
  • Exploring quality mental computation resources and activities- books, websites and games.
  • Identifying and overcoming common student mental computation misconceptions.
  • Linking mental computation to other areas of Mathematics.
  • Exploring the importance of developing strong mental computation skills to assist student understanding of written algorithms.
  • Why a whole school approach to mental computation is critical.
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