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Developing a Whole School Approach to...

In 2024 we are offering five stand alone PD days that will take place in Melbourne (Essendon).

We strongly believe approaches to pedagogy are most successful when implemented across the whole school. Thus our sessions focus on "Developing a Whole School Approach..." to the content areas shown below.

Please note we also run each of these days on-site in schools. Click here for more information.

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This PD provides an opportunity for classroom teachers to fully explore the teaching and learning of place value from Foundation-Year 6. The day will present teachers with the latest research-based evidence to assist them to better identify and overcome common student place value misconceptions.

Friday 9th February, 2024
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This PD provides an opportunity for F-6 classroom teachers to develop an in-depth knowledge of the teaching and learning of addition and subtraction mental computation strategies. We explore a coherent, structured program to follow as you introduce mental computation.

Friday 1st March, 2024
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Problem solving involves so much more than being able to complete a 'worded problem'. This day focuses on looking at how a student’s mindset can affect their learning. We explore various types of teaching tasks/activities that encourage students to become deep thinking problem solvers. 

Friday 3rd May, 2024


The intention of this PD is to provide an opportunity for classroom teachers to develop an in-depth knowledge of the teaching and learning of multiplication and division from Years F-6. Ideas on how to implement a whole school approach will be explored as well as an investigation into how and when to introduce mental computation strategies.

Friday 24th May, 2024


Fractions and Decimals are one of the most challenging areas of the mathematics curriculum for many students and teachers- but it doesn’t have to be this way! Ange and Bern have developed this day to share their knowledge on the current research associated with the teaching and learning of fractions and decimals.

Friday 14th June, 2024

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