Developing a Whole School Approach to Mental Computation: Multiplication and Division


Friday May 24, 2024

The intention of this PD is to provide an opportunity for classroom teachers to develop an in-depth knowledge of the teaching and learning of multiplication and division from Years F-6. Ideas on how to implement a whole school approach will be explored as well as an investigation into how and when to introduce mental computation strategies. The day will allow teachers to see how multiplicative thinking permeates all mathematics topics. Assessment ideas will be provided and a clear summary of how to support students' as they develop their multiplicative understanding. Teachers will be provided with quality resources and activities to assist their students to develop understanding across the primary school. This PD will be based in current theoretical research, however it is practical and aims to provide teachers with the confidence to teach multiplication and division competently.

Areas Covered:

  • What is mental computation? (Based on research-based evidence).
  • Multiplication and Division in the Victorian Curriculum.
  • Research-based teaching of multiplication and division.
  • Current assessment tools available for multiplication and division.
  • Exploring quality mental computation resources- quality books, websites, games and activities.
  • Identifying and overcoming common student misconceptions in multiplication and division.
  • Applying multiplication and division throughout the Mathematics curriculum.
  • Developing strong mental computation skills to assist student understanding of written algorithms.
  • Developing students' confidence in multiplication facts through the use of mental strategies.
  • Implementing a whole school approach to multiplication and division.
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