Developing a Whole School Approach to Problem Solving.


Friday May 3, 2024

Problem solving involves so much more than being able to complete a 'worded problem'. This day focuses on looking at how a student’s mindset can affect the way they approach learning. We explore the conditions required to support students to develop a growth mindset and how this permeates all areas of mathematics. The day focuses on helping teachers to become aware of the learning actions needed to successfully problem solve in mathematics.

We unpack the teaching of challenging tasks. We show teachers how they can make these tasks accessible for all learners by developing enabling and extending prompts. Teachers will be introduced to a protocol which models successful classroom routines that can be used when working on open ended tasks. Teachers will walk away with a deep appreciation of the reflective inquiry process and the importance of questioning.

Areas Covered:

  • What is a growth/fixed mindset?
  • Understanding the importance of developing a growth mindset in mathematics.
  • How can a growth mindset help students to problem solve?
  • Practical ways teachers can encourage a growth mindset in students.
  • Examples of simple but highly engaging hands-on problem solving tasks across the maths curriculum.
  • What are challenging tasks and why are they important to use in a classroom?
  • How can we make challenging tasks accessible to all students?
  • How do we write enabling and challenging prompts?
  • What does a lesson using an open ended task look like?
  • What is reflective inquiry and how can we use this approach in our mathematics teaching?
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